Abandoned Mall Deathmatch (dm_abandoned_mall_b1)

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    Ultra awesome map – Thanks dR. Vodker!!!

    I noticed that the grenades that spawn originally when the map starts don’t respawn. The boxes with 3 grenades each do respawn.

    Does Cafe Z have any items at all? If not, it would be nice to have an item or two.

    It might be just me, but it seems a little too bright in the well-lit areas, almost blinding with HDR enabled. I wouldn’t want it to be a *dark* map, though. But it could just be me.

    A comment in general – I’m not a fan of the health & armor power ups you get from killing players. It is just too strong. It’s not cool to sneak up on someone, unload an entire AK-47 into their back, they shake it off, turn around, and blow you away with 1 shot from their shotgun. Having 100 health + 200 armor just makes someone too strong, especially when the weapons already do less damage than in regular ZPS.

    Anyway, awesome map – I love playing it!

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