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    The problem is that we have so many popular servers that already took “our” players. For example: Los Clan have 5 servers (Church, Cabin, Aquatica, Biotec, Custom/Stocks) and Sammy’s Servers, with their RPG system, have 4 (2 in UK 2 in US) all random maps. And SL with their other 24/7 servers and STARS too. We have a high ‘difficult’ problem to get the ZG server (Mall/Stocks and Custom’s one – not the ZPD , since the ZPD is good enought to stay running, we still get some players from it) up on the list and with good players playin’.

    I mean, come on, the currently ZP Community is not so big, few folks play ZPS on those days since we have so many new games begin release (Contagion/Rust/DayZ etc). So we need a plan to remove some ‘annoying/bored’ maps, bugged versions or not needed maps on the servers, and run few good ones. And of course, some people need play a little on the server if we want ZG on the Top25 at least.

    I don’t wanna a ZG server that runs one map 24/7 only, we need run some custom and all stocks maps and keep FF off. The Infection chance we will keep it in 75% since we have ‘pills cure’ system, it’s a good challenge to kill he whity first than the regular zombies. 🙂

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