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    Wow,ok.. For a start, i do attack survivours,yes i play around and tease the humans,i wouldnt call it helping.
    Second, goose, i dont hate you, you know i dont, its not since i met boner, boner was my one of 3 first steam friends,i have known him, longer than you, he is not the reason we do not speak like we used to. i think the reason we dont speak anymore is because your offensive&mean to me and boner, for some odd reson, you feel the need to bring quin into the server alot to ‘Troll’ or whatever against me and boner,i dont like it, i dont like how you treat me, so i dont wish to talk to you?
    I also dont get boner into screwing you over, we try to ignore you and carry on playing, I dont want to talk about this shit, to be honest because i frankly dont want to argue about it?
    I do not abuse, Infact i dont use my powers at all.
    I guess i have nothing else to say?

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