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Yes, the map does have potential, but it has a major feeling of emptiness. Things are too square and the map is far too open, there is no scenary or randomness to it. Also, generally on maps that have zombie lives you are stuck in a single area and have to barricade (cabin) or you have to move around constantly to stay alive (deathcookin). In this one it isn’t possible to do either effectively.

About the zombies, the spawn either needs to be changed or a new one needs to be added. The first two houses have maybe 10 seconds to set up a barricade or flee before they whitey starts mauling their face. If the survivors are organized, then it becomes far too easy for them to just stand in front of the spawn and gun down the zombies as they appear. This means that it is either an easy win for zombies or the humans, and no round is balanced.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m being too negative, but don’t take it personally. it really does have a lot of potential, and I’d love to see an improved version.

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