Zombie Police: Christmas Dancing with Police Zombies Announced for PC – News – VGChartz

Zombie Police: Christmas Dancing with Police Zombies Announced for PC – News – VGChartz

William D’Angelo
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Developers ALTERCIWS and Lobstudio have announced mystery adventure game, Zombie Police: Christmas Dancing with Police Zombies, for PC via Steam. It will launch this Summer.

View a trailer of the game below:

Read details on the game below:

She’s the only one who can conduct this investigation… (because she’s a zombie)

Zombie Police: Christmas Dancing with Police Zombies is a mystery adventure game featuring the odd-couple buddy duo of newbie detective Yasu Tamura and zombie detective Akemi Kabane as they take on cases together.

Based on the testimonies and evidence collected, you will ultimately deduce the truth behind each case. The game features multiple endings that vary depending on your deductions.

Investigate and Gather Information

At the crime scene, conduct interviews together with the zombie detective. Important information about the case can be checked anytime as TIPS.

Make Deductions

You can enter the deduction phase at any time during the investigation. You can either gather all the information first or rely on your intuition! Based on the collected evidence, solve the case and deduce the culprit. Don’t give up even if you fail. Those who persevere will surely find a helping hand…

Live Streaming and Fan Works

  • When sharing on social media, we would appreciate it if you could use hashtags such as #ZombiePolice.
  • You can live stream the game without permission, regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, for profit or non-profit. We would appreciate it if you could include the game title and the Steam store URL in the title or description.
  • In principle, fan works related to Zombie Police are freely allowed.

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