MOUNTAIN MAN: Joe Manganiello Is Making A Zombie Movie! – FANGORIA

MOUNTAIN MAN: Joe Manganiello Is Making A Zombie Movie! – FANGORIA

Here’s some fun news: according to a new report at Deadline, the Magic Mike vet and former True Blood star will produce and star in an adaptation of Keith C. Blackmore’s Mountain Man.

So what’s Mountain Man about? We’re glad you asked.

“Mountain Man tells the story of Gus, a lonely post-apocalyptic survivor facing isolation and the ever-present specter of a zombie attack, who struggles with alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts until he discovers another survivor, a captivating woman who poses another threat altogether.”

That’s right, after appearing onscreen along vampires, male strippers, Pee-wee Herman and (in a Justice League post-credits scene) Lex Luthor, Manganiello is finally getting into the zombie game. False Positive director John Lee will helm the feature, working from a script by Matt Deller. Knowing what a big genre nerd Manganiello is, the man must be excited. And we are, too!

Right now, the plan is for the film to launch sales via Film Bridge International at Cannes, with production starting sometime later this year. And hey, if all this pans out well, there are six more books in the already-popular Mountain Man series for Manganiello and company to adapt. Fingers crossed for a Manganiello-led zombie franchise!

Nothing further to report on Mountain Man at this time, but do stay tuned for further updates as they roll in.

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