Sydney Sweeney Got Her Grandmas Cast as “Little Old Nuns” in Her New Horror Movie – Yahoo Canada Finance

Sydney Sweeney Got Her Grandmas Cast as “Little Old Nuns” in Her New Horror Movie – Yahoo Canada Finance

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Sydney Sweeney may already have her own production company, but she also has a super personal stake in the casting process of her movies — starting with casting her grandmothers as extras.

Though they may not have any speaking lines, extras are of course an essential part of any film or TV show, necessary to make the setting look real; whether that be a busy street in New York City, a packed emergency room, or, in the case of Sweeney’s new horror film Immaculate, a convent in Europe.

In Immaculate, which she also produced, Sydney Sweeney plays a young, pregnant nun who travels from America to Italy to be part of a picturesque convent. As expected, things are not quite what they seem, and her character Cecilia soon discovers she’s at the center of a living nightmare as the convent holds “a sinister secret and unspeakable horrors.”

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When Sweeney brought two very special guests along with her while shooting in Italy (her grandmothers), she decided to make the trip one of a lifetime and get them in the movie, too.

“They’d never been to Europe,” the Euphoria and Anyone But You actor told Jimmy Fallon during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. “My grandy’s dream was to go to Italy. She’s never left the country before, and so I surprised them, flew them there, and I let them be extras in the movie… They were little old nuns in there.”

Fallon also shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes Sweeney snapped of one of her grandmas on set, taking a smoke break in full costume on the sidewalks of Rome. “She’s iconic,” laughed Sweeney.

In early 2023, Sweeney teased her performance in Immaculate, saying, “It’s madness. I go unhinged, which always is fun.” Immaculate hits theaters on March 22, so keep your eyes peeled for two grandmotherly cameos amidst the terror and chaos. Watch Sweeney’s full appearance on The Tonight Show below:

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