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Zombie Panic Source Review

Right, I have been playing ZPS since 2009, yes, that has been quite some time now. I have clocked over 788 hours and counting. More than 700 on my favorite server which was MMNB which transformed to [ZG] as in the Zombie Gaming Community. So let’s get onto my review. What is zombie panic? Firstly, Zombie panic is a team based game. You start maybe out as eight survivors against a carrier. Th...[Read More]

Looking back on NMRiH

To put it shortly, NMRiH is a rather difficult game, challenging but not enough to make you want to break your keyboard over your knee. It’s definitely fun once you get the hang of things, start memorizing the objectives and realize whether or not you’re up shit creek without a paddle. One of the aspects that gives NMRiH an extra bite of difficulty in it’s gameplay is the infecti...[Read More]

Zombie Panic!: Source – A Review

Zombie Panic Source is a very fun game. It pits zombies and survivors in a PvP style set up. The zombies themselves are very powerful- they’re quick, can jump, climb ladders, and they do a lot of damage in melee range. The survivors have an advantage in that they can use ranged weapons, but that’s about it. Although different servers provide different things, the common underlying game...[Read More]

7 Days to Die Review

7 Days to Die is a post-apocalyptic Survival Sandbox Crafting game. It takes Minecraft-style free building combined with the best of surviving in a zombie apocalypse. The game allows player leveling, countless weapons so you can fight according to your play style, vehicles for ease of long travel, trade NPCs, true water physics, and hitboxes that actually mean something. The crafting GUI is well d...[Read More]

H1Z1 Just Survive – Great game but…

I’ve played a few open world survivor games.. and this one is my favorite.  Its the most user friendly game for surviving. The loot drop is high and easy to find.  The zombies are no real threat unless you afk for about 5 minutes.  Or you have around 20 guys you are raiding a base with, talk about a lot of zombies. Mainly the threat is PVP and it will be my guess until the game is closer to ...[Read More]


No More Room in Hell is by far one the best apocalyptic zombie survival games I’ve played. It’s eerie, it’s dark, it’s beautiful. Well designed maps, Funco-op survival gameplay with your friends. It has what something lacks in most zombie pc games that are out, creativity and whole lot of “Dark Material”. Something that is very important in every Dark-styled gam...[Read More]

The Modern Horror That Started it All

I first saw Dawn of the Dead in the mid-80s (crap am I dating myself) when it first came out on VHS Video (I think I did it again).  Never before did a movie grab my attention as this one did.  While I was an admirer Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the modern Zombie genre was really still in its infancy. Even with its background zombies looking more like drugged out Smurfs than walkers, I was u...[Read More]

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