Garry’s Mod Zombie Mutation

Garry’s Mod Zombie Mutation

Garry’s Mod Zombie Mutation
Garry’s Mod Zombie Mutation

Zombie Mutation is a brand new Garry's Mod Zombie Modification paying tribute to old school Counter Strike Source (CSS) Zombie Mods.  It was designed from by Monkeynaut and Tomgreen with the intent to introduce a Zombie action game that is very fast paced and fun. This mod is bringing brand new ideas to Zombie Gaming which really hasn't been done before!

Player vs Player Zombie Mod with one team controlling humans and the other the zombies in a fight to the death. Some Unique features of our Zombie Mod are a class base system for zombies and utility based item system for humans allowing for endless counter play strategies! If a zombie performs a 3 person kill-streak during a single round he mutates into a stronger version of his Zombie Class with augmented abilities. If a human performs a 3 person kill-streak he is promoted into a stronger class with a choosing option of new guns and or items.

A large variety of Zombie Classes with many abilities to cater to all Play Styles! Be a leaper zombie and surprise your enemy from above. Be a fire zombie and leap out of the shadows silent and ignite your enemies! Be a screamer zombie and shoot out sound waves to confuse and displace enemy campers! There are more classes feel free to ask below about them!

As a human, you have a wide variety of utility items to assist you versus the Zombie horde variety. Such utility items includes med-kits to heal or radar scanners to detect nearby zombies.  You can lay traps such as a bear trap to secure avenues of approach behind you.  You can use a tar grenade to buy time to escape a Zombie horde rush. This game mod pushes the boundaries of game-play and introduces a large landscape of creativity by continually adding new ideas into the game world narrative.

Shoot em in the Head - Just like in the movies, Zombies brains have to be destroyed to take them down.  Zombies take reduced body shot damage and must be taken down by targeting their brains.  This game employs optimized code to appropriately balance game play in order to create a perfect environment for firefight action inside of gmod that really has no equal in facilitating the ability for humans to destroy Zombie brains through accurate gun fights.

This Zombie Mod is not one that will let you fall asleep. There is no camping, no infinite reload, no knock back, just pure skill and tactics. The game-play is very fluid.  Attempting to camp will require you to be prepared for Zombie players to group up and overwhelm you. The ability to succeed in winning is through continual movement, shooting/slashing and outsmarting the other player.    This Mod was designed to implement new ideas that other Zombie Mods haven't done before. Feel free to join the group, submit your comment in the forums by letting us know what you think of the mod. Any suggestions can be posted in discussions or comments below and Monkey and I will try to reply the best we can.

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