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So I am overall supporting Zombielle.  I reviewed the rules posted in the Zombie Panic Game Hub.  It does spell out the consequences within the rules as stated here:Rule Breaking – Kick & Ban Policy

Admins reserve the right as a punishment to breaking Zombie Gaming [ZG] rules is to instill a consequence.  Some kick/ban consequences are automated already within the server(s).  In some cases, admins will enforce rules in real time.  For every violation, the Admin will provide one (1) warning.  Thereafter, a kick or ban will take place as follows:

  • 1st Violation – 1 Day Ban (1444 Hours)
  • 2nd Violation – 1 Week Ban (10080 Hours)
  • 3rd Violation – 1 Month Ban (43829 Hours)
  • 4th Violation – Permanent Ban

After a third ban violation (third strike) any subsequent ban, regardless of the type of violation will result in a permaban.

Because we are currently short administrators and we typically try to have two admins involved in a permaban situation, I am willing to start over as long as you are willing to be a contributing member to the community.  I will release your ban restriction starting July 1st if you agree to the above commitment to the community.

Quag has spoken!

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