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    Updated hotfix info:

    Contagion :: 2014-04-13 Update/Hotfix for Full Release

    -Heavily optimised game resources by almost half when settings are lowered

    -Fixed players standing on ladders stopping zombies from climbing up

    -Fixed and added back IED weapon

    -Fixed zombie spawns on Barlowe servers causing MAX EDICTS crash

    -Removed lots of unnecessary resources from the game

    -Disabled tossing objective items out of the loading bay

    -Fixed getting stuck in the overturned train in Pioneer

    -Added security cameras to Barlowe escape

    -Fixed cameras in RPD to show correctly for all players

    -Fixed lighting in Subway on Barlowe Escape

    -Fixed Singleplayer/LAN servers having default passwords

    -Fixed AI zombies getting stuck in RPD vent

    -Fixed AI zombies standing up and getting stuck when in areas that require crouching

    -Game now reads the update text on a second thread to remove the delay that sometimes occurs.

    -Fixed dropped weapons colliding with invisible barricade positions

    -Adjusted loading-screen to recieve additional messages to help keep up with changing levels

    -AI survivors now have the ability to climb ladders, small props and fences instead of getting stuck

    -AI survivors also now have the ability to get un-stuck much easier and build better paths to follow survivors

    -Fixed being able to spawn outside the map on Barlowe

    -Many navmesh fixes for various maps

    -Fixed indoor rain FX on Barlowe

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