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    I was working on themap today, I fixed the doors and added the ZG logo. There is also more sound and a few breakable gates with buttons controling their movement. Some stores have logos but more are needed. I reviewed the zombie spawns and will need to think about them more before I change them around. I added a ton new spawns for items. I fixed a few various bugs that were just anoying. Something to add to the list above; I want to rework the lobby.  Something to note: the map is so big it’s literally hitting the limits of the compiler in both entities and brushes so adding large areas like the theater and an outside are all but out of the question. Not to say something like falling city won’t be done; just something like a walk around area can’t be. You’ll see it, you just can’t go there. Last bit, this is most likely one of the best maps to use when holding a full server and may only work with something close.

    EDIT: Oh! And I reworked all the lighting, they were much too bright and hurt the eyes in smaller rooms. They will need to be tweeked but they are fine for now.

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