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    I beat it on the Xbox. Tottaly not what i expected when i played it, but that does not mean its bad. It was really cool. I didnt realy like the ending, and if you try to just make it do what ever you want at that time instead of going to the last misson you lose a member permanently, because he is stuck at the ending mission waiting for you. If you are like me then it is your best everything. You learn where you would find stuff as time goes on. Like construction parts you will almost always find in sheds. Really cool game, but i heard that atm the controls as rivet said are a bit weird. I dont think the game even officaly supports keyboard and mouse yet. If you got some money you want to spend on a game (I think its like $20) then you should try it out. I think it offers some unique features. The supplys run out hella fast though because the game acts as if the time is still going on even after you click exit.

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