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    Thank you Gman,And a Merry Christmas to you,Christmas here in Iceland are tomorow gonna eat some lovly ham and I made an awsome Daim Icecream which i found online,Merry Christmas Quag,Leon,Gman,Zyxboy,Taco,Harmless,castle,Bloodsugar,Jhenry,Wickk,Dan22,

    Phew,That was an long list,And I want to apoligize For only playing for 2,4 hours on any game here on steam this month we’ve been just Really busy Me and dad So much which can’t be done,Any ways enough chit chat Merry christmas Ya’ll,I’ll se ya’ll on desember 27th and snoop around for what ya got for a christmas present.Icelandic Search and rescue,Signing out.

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