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    I suggest you dont post it on the fourms unless you want the money you paid for WarZ to be a waist. I’m not 100% sure if they changed their ways but how it seems to be going is that anyone that 

    1. Opposes their decisions.
    2. Question them in anyway.
    3. Tell them your suggestions.
    4. A few different things.

    Gets banned. LOTS of people got banned for no reason. I did hear to get on Steam they had to clean them selfs up a bit but im not sure how true that is (seeing that they are now off of steam) So before you do post on their fourms i suggest you do some reasearch. Hate to see someone get scamed out of money. I did see gameplay of it and it dosent seem too horrible. I am interetsted to see were this all heads too. Again we need to remember that this game is still in BETA (Im pretty sure its out of Alpha) but here is a story i loved about warZ

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