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    Hmm, what happened to helping Raw Boner as zombie and vice versa? And of course you do? Never responding to me? I find that to be quite a form of it. I was never mean to you. I have nothing against you? I just don’t like Raw Boner’s nonsense shit. (You can tell me it is just his personality, but that is like saying me being mean is part of my personality.) It is like me cloging my thinking and flushing it. Tell him to talk normally. At least to me? No? Besides? I have never had Quin do anything other than be nice to you. In fact he had a crush on you and you gave him the finger. So tell me who is worse? So please instead of saying I was mean to you, say I was mean to Raw Boner? Consistency?
    No, you close doors on me and other little shits to get me killed. I just lol at it.
    If you don’t wanna talk about it then why answer? Ignore me like you did before? What is different now?
    So you don’t use them and you are admin?

    Come on ZYX instigate this shit!! MMM. Your powers are needed. lolololol

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