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What I don’t understand is how I can act like a fuck sometimes and people like that more than they guy that is actually there for them?

You know how I act and how I can be. I am sure you have seen it first hand? Right? I know you have. Most of the time it is for a reason. A good reason. I never get mad or take my vengence out on someone that doesn’t need it. I think that if she can take my fucked up act, then she can take one problem from you. Then again I am unsure what transpired before that.

She is like that sometimes with me. I never understand why people keep trivial things on their minds. It always makes me wonder.. But you know that Bloodsugar did something similar. It’s always gotta be the little things…. (Big things) that get you down.

But looky here. It’s better, because if someone pulls that on you again, you’ll be ready.. Or hell you’ll be on guard for it.

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