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Wow Goose, that was amazing feedback.

I agree with you friend. It’s unbelievable how girls acts sometimes when they’re mad or what they done soon.

Lulu is a example for me. Everything was okay in Monday with us, suddenly, she got mad with something or was angry.

So the next day i asked her why she was mad/angry, she simples didn’t said any word to me. I try asked in-game, got nothing yet.

So i asked one more time cuz i worry about her and i was confused of the situation, cuz i don’t know whats going on that moment. So she said was mad with something ( Ok, i saw that when she didn’t said anything to me first time ) and said to don’t ask again. And she deleted me and blocked me in Steam.BAM!

My reaction? WTF? Guess what? She have a seriously problems in her mind to act like a stupid child on that moment. Come on… keep quiet doesn’t help/solve the things.

Fun word here in Brazil : Have a 20 years bodie, but a 11 years mind.

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