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Sorry about that.

I myself always wait for my E-woman friends to get a better guy.
Bloodsugar did just that with me. She found RAW BONER. He is Mine and Quin’s replacement. Scary right?
And she completely hates me for disliking his sex talks all the time. All the time it is something sexual to some stupid level. (Even though all I tried to do is make her happy and give her all these nice compliments)
So now whenever I try to talk or hangout with them, they attack me or on MMNB they ignore me.

Does it bother me? Nope. I don’t care many people hate me and it’s just another few to lay on the pile. You can say that she doesn’t do it or she can tell you she still is okay with me and lie about it. But I know she hates me. I know.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, Bloodsugar used to be my good friend? She used to be okay. But she hates me over something so lame. It makes no sense. But that’s how things go right? Might as well roll off to the next woman that gives you some attention and see if she will keep you like the friend she tells you that you are. Instead of lying and making up bullshit to tease you and give you a false sense of security. That’s how things are on here.

Taba, I knew we never have seen eye to eye or even really been on the same feel. But, I hope you feel better an never let it hit you too hard. Just something you gotta deal with.

Here is something even more scary? If you are friends with your abuser it only gives them the chance to do it again. Haven’t you seen a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Why am I helping? Because I have seen women do this to men a lot. You may think I am anti-woman or seem harder on them.. But they do this a lot. For stupid reasons. It interests me.

– Goose

P.S. You’ll love this song.

And this one.

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