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Not really sure what there is to “answer” here… I agree with some of your opinions on people, and disagree on others. I think if we’re talking about admin rights, we need to evaluate people based on admin-performance, and need to be careful about biased opinions.

In the real world, there are many times when managers dont get along with their subordinates. Just because the two people arn’t going to hang outafter work, doesn’t mean Joe Shmo isnt the best damn burger-flipper in town… Not sure if that’s the best analogy, but hey I try 🙂 The point is, if you have the authority to keep or remove admin rights, you can’t let the sole qualification be “does this person piss me off or not”

That being said, in regards to your list, a majority of the people who you do have disagreements with are also bad administrators.

I’m not going to comment on the non-admins you have in your list, since that’s just personal opinion.


PS. Your signature…. WTF 24Mb/s upload speed??? FOR REAL???? WTF kind of provider do you have? And how much do you pay for it? lol


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