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Awe man this is pretty serious. I agree with you the admin abusing has gotten out of hand.


As this community has grown over the years, it’s taken more and more time and effort from Quag in order to manage it. We’ve taken pride in the fact that MMNB is not one of “those” servers, where unless you’re an admin, the server sucks. MMNB has been known for being a straight forward, friendly fire enabled server, in which even non-admins can have a good time. People might not realise that when they “show off their admin capabilities,” all it’s doing is advertising to new-comers that “I need to get admin powers too, or else I won’t enjoy playing here.” Quag has given us admin rights in order to keep the server fun by enforcing policy on griefers and trollers. He has not given us admin rights so we can show off how much more powerful we are when we can no-clip through walls to gain points.


Different admins have different points of view, and different attitudes (just like the cop who pulls you over). I personally like to think of myself as the admin of bad microphones 🙂 But I enforce my admin rights to benefit the other players on the server who are also listening to a horrible, ear bleeding microphone someone might be using.



Admin rights need to be used to benefit the other players on the server. They should NOT be used to be benefit your personal motives and rank.




I hope I’m not too much on my high horse here, but I hate to see Quag stressed out like this.


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