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I had to repost this as someone deleted my original post on this thread.  The fact that my post was originally deleted, makes this thread even more important for all to read.


Recently there have been individuals who have been impersonating my account.  There have been hacking attempts on the server in addition to hacking on our website.  There has been numerous complaints about individuals, community members and our admins.  Some of which is warranted, much of which is hearsay, slander and general negativity.  With all of this craziness going on, what has recently pushed me over the top is that I have been personally disrespected on several occasions.  Most recently I have been called a liar to my face.  This is all now going to immediately cease.  QuaG is done!


I am going to direct the following to those of you (you know who you are) who have continually worked to tear this community down.  I have done nothing but provide help, support, encouragement and friendship to all those who game in this community.  And in return, I get shit on.  For most of you, I was fighting in Iraq to protect your freedoms while you were still sucking on your mom’s tit.  The thanks I get is slander, negativity and disrespect.  It all stops now.  For any request of me, you must do it through the forums.  This latest incident now tells me that people cannot be civilized.  Therefore all of my converstaions have to be public.  I will not tolerate another moment whereby my character is ripped apart by ungrateful maggots.  Goose has been instructed to be aligned with me on the rules of the server.  Goose has also been instructed to ensure all current admins are also aligned with these rules.  These rules will now be enforced.  Admins will stop abusing and will also comply to these rules.  If one cannot follow these rules, they will be asked to leave the community.  


To the over 1,000 members who are not part of this chaos, I want to truly apologize. This is not directed towards you, but yet you should be aware of the situation.  You are what makes our community great.  Thank you very much for your participation, encouragement and support. I created this community as an attempt to have a positive, uplifting atmosphere where gamers who loved killing zombies had a place to go.  I still think this is that place.  We have some great things planned with the inception of Contagion.  I plan to keep this thing going as long as I have support in doing it.  Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.  


Thank you again for your understanding and continued support,

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