New Here, Just a question.


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I probly should’ve said this on the first post. I was the one accused of retalliating against being attacked by one of your newer members. He was able to freely kill me without question of it being been a griefing tk or not. Reason for him killing me is probably because he did not get the AK-47 he seems to rightfully deserve.I have to admit I was inclined to and did take vengeance into my own hands seeing that no one really cared about him team killing me. What I wanted to know is that even though you see me as the “teamkiller” why do you still insist on inviting me?

-Sorry if this post was a little late in response, forums aren’t really my strong point in communication as it seems like barely anyone uses them, but, seeing how I am viewed as a teamkiller on your server I’d rather not bother reasoning with people that have the power to kick me before hearing me out. Either way, was fun while it lasted.

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